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NXT-GEN is a University of Alberta student group whose members have a passion for education and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to bridge the gaps in entrepreneurship and business education at the high school and post-secondary levels. 


Our ideal world is one where access to business education is universal - no high school or post-secondary student is left wondering what business is or what skills are necessary to succeed in business. At NXT-GEN, we think the entrepreneurial spirit should be taught through experience-based learning and competition. 

When NXT-GEN was founded, we envisioned running a couple of competitions to give students their first taste of entrepreneurship. Since then, we have gone from hosting a small virtual event to a launchpad entrepreneurship program that is now producing the next generation of entrepreneurship leaders. 


We believe experience is crucial to the learning process, which is why we put on competitions and workshops designed to teach students important entrepreneurship and business skills. We know these skills are important to all careers, so our programming is open to individuals of all backgrounds. NXT-GEN is composed of undergraduate students at the University of Alberta working together and driven by the same passion: to give students the skills they need to succeed in business, in entrepreneurship, and in life. 

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